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Top Tips for Layering Men’s Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry for men, the trend is not new at all. From ancient Egyptian pharaohs to Roman senators, jewelry has always been considered a celebration of everything luxurious and powerful. But while the ancient civilizations were completely comfortable with their men wearing jewelry, the recent centuries have seen it become a taboo […]

6 Tips For Perfume Shopping

Fragrance shopping is like being allowed to pick out just the kind of face you want. Interesting enough? Your scent can either make you a head-turner or a people-repellant. In short, your scent is what defines you. Research on nosenography has shown how smell is an “unruly force” which “identifies bodies” within spaces. It is extremely […]

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Handgun

According to statistics, around 42% of all U.S. households own one or more firearms. Given that owning a firearm for protection in the U.S. is a constitutional right, this comes as no surprise. Firearms are a part of daily life in many places around the world. For those of us who have been firearm enthusiasts […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Caring for Thin Hair

Fine hair needs maintenance. They are more fragile than any other hair type and therefore need to be treated with expertise and care. As thin hair is prone to breaking; it should be treated with a combination of products and a regular hair care regimen to look thicker and stronger. Follow these effective tips to […]

How To Remove The Scent Of An Unwanted Perfume

The phrase “long lasting fragrance” is as much a blessing as a nuisance. You may not like the scent of a perfume after applying it but the fragrance is there to stay. Whether you want to change the usual scent you wear, or simply dislike a scent, you will need to know how to remove […]

Tips & Tricks To Up Your Baking Game!

Think heartbreaks are only limited to people? Think again! When you spend hours in the kitchen and pull out a wonderfully flat cake or a fresh batch of tarts with collapsed crusts…Oh, you can definitely hear a crack from within your chest if you listen carefully. Contrary to what one may think, solid preparation isn’t just […]

The Modern Man’s Guide to Looking Stylish and Sophisticated

“The difference between style and fashion is quality.” – Giorgio Armani   They say that style is an expression of who you are—your beliefs, opinions, and thoughts. It’s a way to express yourself without having to verbalize what’s on your mind. Think of your style as a blank canvas, one where you can express yourself […]

What to Consider When Buying Pre-Owned Luxury Watches

When it comes to beautiful vintage watches, it makes more sense to purchase a pre-owned one. There’s something incredible about a classic piece with iconic features that have stood the test of time. Perhaps it’s the beauty and sheer sophistication that comes with the intricate design. Perhaps it’s the notion of becoming acquainted with history. Or […]