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Aesthetic Guide – Arranging Your China Cabinet

Often, the china cabinet is discarded as a dust collector. But with some proper organisation and arrangement, your understated china cabinet can be the star of your dining room, if not your home.

Here’s how you can make those arrangements.

How to Display Your Beloved Set of Dishes in a China Cabinet

Place the Heavy Items in First

Covered dishes, teapots, large decorative plates, platters – all these weighty pieces have to go in first, on the bottom shelf. For a fine, finished look, place them according to their height difference, and make sure they’re evenly dispersed. Try to place the more dominate piece front and centre. If the organisation doesn’t seem right, arrange them in groups of three, with a heavy piece in the middle, tall pieces on either side. For aesthetic purposes, copy the pattern at alternate shelves.

Place Your Glassware on the Top Shelf

Especially if you have a china cabinet with interior lights! The soft glow is just perfect for showing off the delicate designs and sheen of the glass. With glassware, place the heavier pieces such as vases and pitchers and etched trays in the middle, with the handle to the side, but toward you. This’ll make it easier for you to take it out. Line the other glassware such as wine glasses and such on either side of those items.

Place Special Dishware Upright

This is only for those dishes that you don’t plan to use on a regular bases. Some cabinets will have grooves, so you can place your dishes upright without having them lean against one another. However, if your cabinet doesn’t have such grooves, buy acrylic or plastic display stands instead. Companies such as Plate Stands of Australia offer them for bulk at affordable prices, so you should have no problem finding the stands you need.

Note: Place larger dinner plates at the back, then smaller matching salad plates and others in front. Saucers and bowls have to sit in front of the plates, flat. Teacups should sit upright on saucers.

Stack According to Size

This is for dishes that you use on a daily basis. Stack them from large to small, with one plate on display behind them as a backdrop.

Leave space between the stacks so they don’t become too crowded. Cluttered shelves are a big no-no since they can cause breaks and chipping when you take them out.

With all these tips, use your own creativity to add some changes. Colour-coordinate or contrast, add plants or go down the minimalist path. Add your own special touch to your china display!

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