Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

Add some Edge to your Kitchen with a Black Sink

If you’ve spent some time picking out the perfect cabinets, countertops, tiles and flooring for your kitchen, you should do the same for your kitchen sink too. Kitchen sinks don’t have to be boring. With the wide variety of kitchen sinks and faucets available in the market, your kitchen sink can actually give your kitchen a bit of edge.

Leave behind the typical white and silver kitchen and opt for a chic black one instead! Haven’t come across a black kitchen sink? That’s because it’s an upcoming trend that’s quickly gaining popularity amongst homeowners who’re looking for something different.

Black kitchen sinks can be made out of a variety of materials including metal, porcelain and granite composite.

Here are some ideas on how you can make a black kitchen sink work for you:

1. Black sink with polished white countertops

Black & white is a classic combination.  It works for clothes and other things, why won’t it work in the kitchen? If you have a glossy white countertop, a sleek matte black metal sink is just what you need to up the style game. A white or silver kitchen sink, won’t compliment the polished white countertop the way a black metal sink will.

2. Black sink to compliment black appliances

There isn’t much variety in colors when it comes to kitchen appliances. They usually come in white, silver or black. If you’re kitchen is filled with black appliances, you can make it a running theme and go for a black kitchen sink.

3. Black sink paired with a black countertop

Double Bowl Kitchen SinksIf you’re a fan of integrated sinks, you’ll love the idea of a black sink that fits into a black countertop. A white or silver kitchen sink takes away from the beauty of a chic black countertop but a black kitchen sink gives it a more dramatic look.

4. Black sink with matched gold/brass faucets

Those that love rustic colors and interiors will love the idea of matching a black sink with gold or brass faucets. It’s a classic contrast and will accentuate the earthy colors used in the kitchen.

To enhance the gold/brass colors of the faucet, you can go for replace the current knobs/handles for your cabinets and drawers with gold/brass ones.

Even though black kitchen sinks can be found in an array of metals, stainless steel black kitchen sinks are the most durable. They are the most resistant to staining and scratches. Looking for a kitchen sink that lasts? A stainless steel kitchen sink is the way to go.

Creave Solution provides quality stainless steel kitchen sinks of all types including black kitchen sinks for customers in China. Customers can choose from stylish single or double bowl kitchen sinks made out of sturdy stainless steel that compliment all countertops. Check out their collection of kitchen sinks online or visit them in their showrooms in China. Contact them for information on their kitchen sinks and delivery services.

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