8 Fishing Accessories you don’t want to Leave Home Without!

When it comes to the US, hunting and fishing are not just sports! One US News online publication states that the same actually boost and power the economy. This comes as no surprise given that the USA has neither a shortage of sports fisherman and hunters, nor is there any dearth of places in which to undertake either sport.

When it comes to fishing, the success of your trip among other things depends on how well prepared you are!

Fishing Accessories that are Essential

If you’re about to head out for a fishing trip, you probably want to make certain that you’re packing most if not all of the items on the list below!

Extra Fishing Line

This is one of the bare basics. Any seasoned fishing enthusiast knows that you could lose or break the line you currently have attached to your reel. In such situations, not having spare line pretty much means the end of your trip.

Make sure you carry a spool or two of extra fishing line when you’re going for that trip.

Assorted Hooks   

Unless you have your heart and head set on one particular type of fish (and even then), carrying an assortment of hook sizes is highly advised. This not only ensures that you have spares in case you snag and lose a hook on an underwater rock; it also allows you flexibility by way of the size of fish you can potentially catch.

Make sure you’re stocked with enough spare hooks and do make it a point to try carry the complete range of hook sizes.

Bait, Tackle and Lures

You want to attract those fish right and chances are a bare hook just won’t cut it! For this reason, your bait, tackle and lures are the next thing you want to be sure to carry with you. You can buy tackle and lures online as well as packaged bait if needed.

The more variety you have in your tackle box, the better equipped you will be to catch whatever fish the season and location has to offer.

Bobbers and Sinkers

Different fish swim and bite at different depths. In order to ensure that your bait or tackle are at the correct depth, bobbers and sinkers are both extremely helpful. Bobbers make sure your hooks stay afloat at a shallower depth whereas sinkers do the opposite pulling the same deeper under water!

In a sense these help you expand the area within which you fish!

Fishing Knife

Fishing Knife

In case you want to gut or even prep and eat your fish on the spot, a fishing knife is essential. These are quite handy and can double up to help you with other outdoor tasks which involve cutting, shredding and penetrating.

Line Scissors or Clippers

There are times when you may need to trim your fishing line. There are other times where it may knot or snag onto something under water. In such instances you can use your fishing knife however having a pair of line clippers or scissors makes the job a whole lot simpler!


Sometimes de-hooking the fish you catch can be a real task which is why taking along a simple pair of slim nose pliers is always a good idea.

First Aid Kit

Last but not least, if you’re braving the outdoors, even for a fishing trip, you don’t want to have to drop everything and return home because of a small gash or cut. At the same time, rusty hooks and certain kinds of fish can do a number on you if your skin is penetrated. In such situations you risk contracting tetanus or other forms of poisoning.

To counter this, it is important to carry a first aid kit, complete with anti-septic and bandages among other supplies. Make sure you carry the items listed above and that winter fishing trip is sure to be a roaring success!

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