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7 Ideas To Upgrade Your Gift-Giving Skills For 2018

The new year has arrived and with it, comes a new cycle of events, birthdays, anniversaries, and several festivities.

There are several occasions you’re going to be shopping for. Gone are the days when you went and got personalized giftthe same old stuff—tees for the dad; perfumes or watches for the bf; jewelry for the girl-friend.

It’s time to step up and reevaluate your gift-giving strategy! It’s the age of personalization. Here are few gifts ideas you need to add to your list in 2018.

Weave Woven Throw Blankets

Completely taking the world by storm, woven weaved blanket are the best gift right now! Is anyone’s birthday coming up in January? Give them this soft comfort! Comes in different sizes and colors, you can even have it monogrammed to add a little personalization.

Monogrammed Wine Glasses

February is a perfect time to celebrate love with bubbly wine and flute wine glass. Monogram your endearing love on the glasses and clink to the celebration of love forever and beyond.

Zodiac Hack

What is more personal than zodiac? Nothing! Zodiac never go out of style… even if we don’t believe in it, everyone absolutely loves zodiac related stuff. There are a lot of ways you can incorporate zodiac into your presents, such as zodiac dish for display, imprint on mugs or a simple locket.

Monogram Journalhoroscope

Who doesn’t love journals?

Add some personalization and voila…you have a perfect gift recipe at hand! There are a hundred ways you can personalize your journal gift such as having their name monogrammed or writing the best memories on few pages.

Engraved Plaques

You can be so creative with this. Have your memorable pictures engraved, dates or romantic poems. Think; what matters to both of you? Maybe to just the person you are giving it to; and splurge on a gift of the century!

Pocket Knife

Yes, they are the thing of old…but they’re making a comeback!

History is repeating itself and this time, it’s classier and more personal. A practical and not too overpriced gift is a great gift that can be utilized every day. A wooden knife is ideal as you can have it engraved with initials or anything to your liking.

Personalized Wine Gift Set

Nothing beats a wine gift set. Count this as an extraordinary gift to present to your loved ones.  Wine gifts sets come with complete wine openers, wine glasses, and space for wine bottle! A memorable date or a quote will surely leave a lasting impression on your honoree.

Impression Personalized has a large collection of items you can choose from for your personalized gifts this year and make wonderful memories!

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