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7 E-Juice Flavors You Just Have to Try and Why!

Those of us who vape and own vape kits, pens and other such paraphernalia are often on the hunt for new and interesting E-Juice types and flavors. The BBC reported a rise in the use of e-cigarettes and one of the motivating factors here apart from health reasons was the choice of flavor!

7 E-Juice Flavors You Just Have to Try and Why!

Those of you looking for new and interesting flavored vape juice you can buy online are in luck. We’re reviewing seven amazing vape juice flavors you absolutely must try!

Peach Guzzi

The first on our list is Peach Guzzi. This vape juice is ideal to use as your main go to all day but is also great for those of us who already have our daily favorites to use as an end of the evening taste changer or form of vape desert if you will!

This juice is packed with flavors including vanilla custard, blueberries and green tea as well as peach as the name states and has won an award as the best custard e-juice! Definitely worth trying!


The next on our list is this delicious number. We’re talking a burst of flavor including Belgian dark-chocolate with a base of buttery dough with a hint of almond cream topped with powder sugar. Yes this is e-juice we’re talking about so you can imagine why we suggest you try it!

12MG Lucky X

If you’re looking for something off the common shelves and more of the unique sort, our 12MG Lucky X vape juice might be worth trying. This flavor involves a blend of raspberry as well as pistachio topped off with a final touch of smooth tobacco flavor. Great for all day use!

Salty Bastard Tangerine

If you’re more the sort that goes for that citrusy kick, Salty Bastard Tangerine is something you do not want to miss! This e-juice is an amalgamation of natural tangerines as well as a mix of natural oranges. The result; citrus bliss!

Pink Lemonade

This vape-juice contains the summery flavor some of you might be in search of. A blend of lemonade and grapefruit along with a hint of raspberry for balance, this juice is the perfect summer all day flavor!

lucky 13

Lucky 13

Don’t let the numbering order fool you! Lucky 13 is a fantastic blend of Vanilla as well as the additional toasted almond topped and balanced with caramel with a final addition of fine blended Virginia tobacco. This e-juice has won multiple international awards including the award for Best Premium Selling Vape-Juice!

Yogurt Bomb

Last but not least, we have the Yogurt Bomb, a bold mix of mango flavored yoghurt along with a side of guava and a hint of natural tangerine for balance. We recommend this one as a desert flavor but is in any case, worth trying out at least once!

Winding Down

There you have it. Some e-juice flavors you just need to try out if you haven’t already! What’s even better is that you can buy these flavors and more online individually and in bulk!

Café Racer is an online vape shop that has been selling vape kits and manufacturing and selling premium vape-juice to customers and clients for over ten years.

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