Is there an Echo in Here? 6 Interior Design Flaws You Need Fixed

Walking past an antique store, your eyes fall on a majestic wood encased mirror. You immediately think; this mirror would look PERFECT in your living room.

After some contemplation, the mirror ends up on your living room wall. Little did you know, it would make your room smaller and darker, due to the unplanned location.

The interior design calls attention to detail. Color of your wall, shade of the sofa, angle of the lights and area needs to be factored-in before adding a decoration item to your home. Small mistakes can impact the overall look of your room.

 The Unplanned floor planning

Rectangular space beneath your feet is the foundation of everything. It needs to be well-planned and inspirational to accommodate long-term needs. The type of material used will determine if you need tiles, wood, or carpeting.

Knowing the floor plan lets you decide the window fitting, the carpet color scheme, woodwork requirement and other custom fittings. People often ignore the floor plan when buying furniture or carpets. This leaves them with an out-of-place look.

Too big or too little furniture

Everybody wants a little piece of luxury and grandeur in their home. But does it suit your home or apartment?

When designing a room, don’t neglect the furniture and room space. Make sure you have the correct dimensions of your rooms when buying furniture. Your furniture should flow around the room instead of cluttering the space.  Giant sofas and recliners should not crowd up the room. If you have a small space, keep it simple and uncluttered with less and small-sized furniture.


Poorly lit room

If your home has access to natural light, due to multiple windows, you won’t need as many light bulbs. But if you have fewer windows, add a primary source of light that illuminates your surroundings.

A high hanging light is elegant and sufficient to provide you visibility. More lights can be added according to the requirement of different rooms with help of table lamps, floor lamps, scones, etc. These lights can be turned on when needed, providing you with a flexible lighting solution.

Family photo clutter

Cramming your mantel, side-table, and shelves with all your childhood memories can be a chaotic display of emotion. Anyone would love to see their sweet family moments plastered on the wall, but this showcasing needs to be uncluttered.

Allocate a single wall as your family photo showcase. Cherish all your loving memories, but be selective in what you hang on the wall. Choose similar light-colored frames and create a gallery of images. This will make your presentation stunning and less chaotic.

Paint before buying furniture

Mismatching the color of your sofas and wall paint is an interior design crime. All the furniture and fabrics need to be picked before painting the house. Matching the wall color to a sofa is quite a difficult job, so be strategic when you start a remodeling project.


Mishap storage space

Plan your storage system effectively. If you own a lot of things, add customized cabinets into your design. Open cabinets and glass-fronted shelves are difficult to maintain. Keep all these things in mind when designing your home.

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