The ‘6’ Most Expensive And Strangest Bongs Ever

In the light of the ever-increasing smoking culture, it’s hard to find anyone who isn’t aware of water pipes or bongs.

New designs and features added in smoking equipment not only make it aesthetically pleasing but provide greater comfort and luxury to smokers.

We explore some of the most expensive and strangest bongs available.

1. Robot-Shaped Bong — $1050

The bong incorporates a robot head and three feet shaped like wheels. Made by Leisure Glass and Pakoh, the bong has intricate details all over the piece. It also costs a hefty US $1,050.

2. Zombie Bong — $2400

This bong is made up of a zombie-like finger for a downstem and cringe-worthy zombie face for the mouthpiece. The rest of the bong’s body is clear and simple. Made by Zii and Pyrology, this bong is perfect for someone who has unique tastes.

3. Cypress Hill Bong — $2600

A unique Cypress Hill water pipe, this bong has orange and red designs and the logo of Cypress Hill in gold. This particular bong is incorporated with a diffuser in its downstem. For $2,600, the bong ships within Europe and Germany.

4. Bong With Attachments — $2,999

Talon created the tube set incorporating several attachments. It has clear, green and blue parts and is only 9 inches in height. It’s also equipped with matching slide, dome, jar and dome cap.

5. Triceratops — $3200

The creator Nick Pioch made this triceratops with translucent green glass and is adorned with points are curves. Whether you keep it just to admire its intricacies, or actually use it, this piece is a must-have for all the smoking enthusiasts.

6. Balloon Giraffe — $5,000

With the collaboration of Blitzkriega and ME Glassworks, a balloon-style giraffe-print dog-shaped dab rig is formed. This piece was created in Colorado and available in the market for sale.


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