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5 Ways to Create Chocolate Art At Home

It’s said that you eat with your eyes first. And there’s no doubt about it. Research shows that the perception of smell, taste, and flavor can be changed by a visual stimulus. That’s the impact appearance has over other senses.

Aesthetics also play a great role in the baking industry. A cake that looks incredible is hard to resist. Cake decorations display the creativity of a baker. Modern cake arts are extremely impressive and improve the appearance of the dessert.

Using chocolate for cake decorations is a great idea. As per a report in 2015, almost 1 billion people eat chocolate every day. Why not use it to decorate your homemade dessert? Here we’ve compiled some amazing ideas to create your own chocolate art at home.

1. Use Stencils:

Stencils can make cake decoration a breeze. Place them over a fresh fondant for flawless results. Start painting over your stencil using chocolate ganache. It instantly enhances the appearance of your cake without much effort and makes it look stunning.

2. Make Artistic Patterns:

A great way to get creative is by making interesting patterns using chocolate ganache and cream. Simply dip a spoon or a fork in the mixture and start making abstract designs on your cake. Your dessert will definitely look like a piece of art.

3. Decorate With Chocolate Mint Leaves:

Chocolate mint leaves give a sophisticated finish to your dessert. All you need is some melted chocolate, a paintbrush, and a few mint leaves.

Spread the chocolate over your mint leaves. Once the leaves are properly coated, refrigerate them to solidify the chocolate. After ten minutes, take them out and remove the mint leaves using tweezers. Your chocolate mint leaves are ready to impress your guests.

4. Use Edible Garnishes:

Chocolate garnish can help you make complicated chocolate arts in no time. A simple technique is to pipe some melted chocolate on to a parchment paper and let it settle for a while. You can write names and make intricate designs to make it look elegant.

5. Wrap It With Cookies:

Wrapping an entire cake with chocolate cookies is a simple yet classic idea. Crush some chocolate chip cookies and place them on the sides of your cake, once you’re done with frosting. You can use wafers or chocolate sticks as well instead of cookies.

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