Gifts for Veterans

5 Thoughtful Gifts for Veterans

Truth be told, gifting a veteran a typical themed gift, like a war memorial, a generic gun replica or something butch and masculine is just about the laziest thing you could do.

A gift is meant to deliver sentiment, heartfelt emotion for the one you care. So you know something simple (read: boring) just won’t do.

This is why we’re listing 5 gifts for veterans that they will actually like!

1. Flag Art

Flag Art

For the solider that’s proud of serving their country, there’s nothing better! Our star-spangled banner is a sight to behold. Pair its unique beauty with artistic talent and you have something that truly exudes our love for the people and the nation.

There are plenty of designers and artists offering their work online so we won’t single out just one! Although we will say, support the smaller artists. America has always been about helping the little guy, so why not start with the smaller businesses at home!

2.  Books and Memoirs that Honor Veterans

Books and Memoirs that Honor Veterans

From your classic Chicken Soup for the Soul series to coffee table books like Portrait of Courage: A Commander in Chief’s Tribute to America’s Warriors, you have a huge variety of books to choose from. There are also plenty of books that have helped veterans deal with PTSD as well as anxiety and depression. If your recipient is in need of some literary support, you pretty much can’t go wrong with a good book.

3. A Functional Backpack

Functional Backpack

You want to know why? Because what veterans like more than anything are something that requires minimal care but proper functionality and comfort!

Chalk it up to those days where you’d need to get everything done within minutes. But truly, having something so useful can really make life easier for them, especially if they like to travel a lot.

4. A Customized Challenge Coin

Customized Challenge Coin

Now here’s something they’ll cherish for a long time! These small medallions hold a lot of importance for veterans, mainly because these tokens often represent their membership with different military organizations.

However, on your part, getting them a custom-designed challenge coin would simply mean that you’re giving them a token of love, respect, and recognition of all their hard work and bravery. Companies like Challenge Coins 4 U in Cheyenne, WY offer plenty of challenge coins, as well as customization services. So you should have no problem getting the perfect coin made.

5. Cigars


If your loved one likes to smoke tobacco, then this is the perfect gift for them! Probably one of the beloved gifts among veterans, cigars are the ideal treat for those who like to light one up and talk about the old military days. For an extra treat, pair these cigars with a glass of whiskey and a nice lit fireplace!


When gifting any of the above presents though, remember this; your loved one will more likely treasure it if you add some sentiment to the gesture.

Add a small note, write something simple but sweet. These gifts are meant to let them know how much you cherish them. So put your all into it and show them how much you care!

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