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5 New Trends for Art Display

2018 may be the year where we actually break through the barriers and find it within ourselves to love art and to display art as it should be – without bounds!

With the global political situation as it is, we’re seeing its influence on the art world as well, in addition to its influence on design, fashion, photography and other trends of 2018.

Artists and art lovers are creating and displaying the most unique styles of art, each of which contrasts and therefore, complements one another. That style of art might not seem like it belongs, but artists are taking risks to combine colors and styles, a risk that is surely paying off.

1. Frameless

Certain colors, patterns and shapes look much better without the frame or any other element, hindering its beauty. Especially with bolder pieces, one can easily forego the frame and instead, display the art work by pairing it with stencils or motifs related to the art. For example, if you have an original art print in blue, you can match it with similar style vignettes under the artwork.

2. Power in Numbers

Instead of spending your money on one canvas, find an artist who can provide you with affordable pictures that can be displayed with one another. The number of pictures on display will exude a certain sense of luxury, with one being able to afford so many smaller frames, each unique and bold in its own style.

3. Spotlight

One doesn’t need to spend a fortune to get the right lighting to display their art work. Thanks to the large number of DIY lighting tricks available online, you really don’t have any excuse for not having well-lit artwork in your home. You may go simple with a build-in light behind the canvas. But you may also go all out with some fancy workings, if the budget allows. Make sure your choice for lighting complements the art piece.

4. Business on the Top, Party on the Bottom

Rather than cramping up your art work in one spot, take the top edge of your main (read: star) canvas, and use it as a guide. Line the surrounding frames and canvasses in a way that’s orderly on the top, and casual at the bottom edge i.e. add plants and other bits and bobs to add a casual edge to it.

5. Curating the Creator’s Art

Natural Oil PaintingsA number of art lovers are now collecting art by just one special artist, and displaying it as a collection, just as the artist wanted. By presenting that artwork as such, they’re following the journey the artist is going on, and using it as their guide and inspiration.

Buying Art for Your Collection!

With artists like Judith Barath offering their natural oil paintings and original digital art for sale, we have the opportunity to obtain art that is not only unique in style but beautiful in conception and grace.

Buy art that speaks to you, and use the above tips on art display trends to show off your collection!

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