5 Important Things Designers Must Understand About Clothing Labels

5 Important Things Designers Must Understand About Clothing Labels

Unlike other aspects of apparel design and development, labels don’t often get considerable attention. The fact is that labels are much more significant than they are given credit for. 

Whether you’re selling men’s, women’s or children’s wear, all kinds of garments have a label attached to them. A label contains garment information, including material, size, wash and care instructions and more. This information helps customers decide whether the product meets their needs and preferences.  You are required, by law, to add your registration number to the label.

If you need labels for your apparel collection, here are some things to consider:


Satin and woven are the most widely used labels in the fashion industry. Woven labels are soft, durable, and can withstand frequent washing and wear and tear. Another advantage of woven labels is that they are affordable and come in several colors.

Satin labels, on the other hand, look sophisticated and have a beautiful shine to them. But, satin is more expensive than other options.

Label content

A label should display the following information:

  • Fabric content (cotton, linen, etc.)
  • Washing and care instructions – fabric vendor can inform you on how to clean and maintain the fabric (machine washable or handwash)
  • Washing symbols (A label company can attach washing symbols to labels)
  • Manufacturing location (The country or state where the garment was manufactured)
  • Registration number

Hangtag artwork

Last but not least, a hangtag is an easy way to provide additional information about your business, such as your website.

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