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5 Essential Things to Consider Before Getting Weaves

Celebrities like Rihanna and Tyra Banks are known for their amazing hairstyles. Effortlessly sporting bobs, braids, dreads, and even messy buns, celebrities are the greatest source of inspiration when it comes to hair trends.

But whether it’s Beyoncé’s beautiful au naturel coiffure or Kelly Rowland rocking beachy waves, know that it might not be their own hair.

Weaves are Hollywood’s open secret to the luscious locks we see on the red carpet and runaways. So, if you’re considering getting weaves yourself, make sure to take these five essential things into consideration:

1. There Are Different Types of Weaves

When it comes to hair weaves, there’s more than one type of option.  There are:

Sewing: After the hair is cornrowed, wefts of the extensions are sewn into the braided hair.

Strand by strand: The hair is divided into different sections, braided strand by strand and then the extensions are sewn in.

Interlocking: This one doesn’t involve cornrows. It involves sewing ultra-thin wefts into the hair.

Fusion: human hair is sewn into the natural of the client.

Bonding: Hair is glued onto the shaft of the client’s hair.

2. Which Type of Method is the Best?

We recommend going with the sewing method for optimal results. Not only is the sewing method effective, it’s also the safest, compared to methods such as bonding. This is especially true for those who struggle with hair loss or alopecia.


3. Taking Care of the Weaves

A lot of people believe that they don’t have to maintain their weaves because they’re not natural hair. You need to take care of your weaves if you don’t want to damage them.

Oiling, washing, shampooing, and conditioning them like your natural hair is mandatory. Use organic products that won’t make them frizzy or brittle.

Secondly, make sure to visit your cosmetologist every 2 months for a consultation. If your weaves become loose, you’ll need to get them reinstalled.

4. What Are the Risks?

The good thing about hair weaves is that there are barely any risks. But if you opt for poor-quality weaves, then hair loss can become a major problem. Go with a hair care service that uses superior-quality weaves. This way, you won’t risk your scalp becoming irritated and damaged easily.

5. Can Weaves Help With Alopecia?

Temporary hair extensions can damage your hair follicles. This is because you’ll need to pull them out and clip them in every day. Secondly, you can’t sleep in them.

With hair weaves, you don’t have to worry about that. You can go on with daily activities and not worry about your natural hair becoming damaged.

Hair Weaves and Extensions is a Maryland-based hair care service that offers comprehensive hair weave and extension installation, maintenance and styling services at affordable rates.

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