5 Best Food and Wine Pairings You Need to Try!

When buying wine either online or in person, what goes through your mind? A good time with a few close friends? A much-deserved quiet evening of reading on your couch with a plate of crackers and some wine perhaps? It would be no surprise if what came to your mind was simply; food!

Food and Wine

Wine and food have been friends for centuries. The two have been interlocked in an ancient relationship, ripe with its share of stories, legends, folktales and history. Today the relationship between wine and food is stronger than ever!


Amazing Combinations

We’ve scoured the internet as well as the culinary world in general to bring you five divine food and wine pairings. This is not just so you try these as they are but also so you may develop a sense of what flavors go together.

Without further delay, here they are:

Chardonnay Shrimp

Among the various foods that grill well, only a few can match up to a nice batch of shrimp! The cutting sharpness of the shrimp needs something that both complements it and enhances the favors. For this reason, one of the best wines to go with grilled shrimp is in fact, Chardonnay.

A firm Chardonnay that comes packed with a hint of Oak would be ideal!

Pork and Nebbiolo

A spiced shoulder of good pork prepared with a strong mix of spice is brilliant when complimented with some aromatic Nebbiolo to iron out the creases. If seasoned apart from the spices with a mix of herbs, a little garlic and a dash of lemon, this superb combination is truly one that would make you and your guests beam from ear to ear.

Salmon Salad and Pinot

Salmon is rich and packed with character and flavor. In combination with a light and zesty salad, this alone could be considered a complete and fulfilling dish. On the flip side, you take the same salmon salad and pair it with your choice of Pinot and you have something else entirely. The pinot and salmon dance on the taste buds, one urging the other to show a little more flavor!

Pan Roast and Rioja

Roasted potatoes are comfort food. Pan roasted potatoes with sausage absolutely divine. Chop up some arugula and toss them in. Do the same with a bunch of chalets. Add a hint of lemon and you’ve got one hell of a dish. Of course if you throw in some sweet Spanish Rioja, the younger lot will likely pair beautifully with the ingredients mentioned above.

Pizza Rose’

This was a tough one as we were about to go with a combination of Carménère along with a medium or medium rare steak, but figured this one would be more fun. A simple sweet grilled pizza with a bit of cheese, tomato paste and whatever other light toppings you desire goes will with Rose! Yes we realize how that sentence is upside down but it is true!


These sure as hell aren’t the only food and wine combinations that are worth trying. There are many more and better yet, you could even experiment with your own combinations.

Buying wine online allows you to choose from an extensive range of wine types, origins and ages. Check out some of the most recognized and reputed online wine communities and see if you would like to join!

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