4 Ways to Spruce up Your Business This Spring

health and well-being of their employees.

An article published in the Guardian attests to this notion by placing heavy emphasis on safe and healthy workplaces that, in turn, improve employee productivity.

Whether it’s by organizing the place, restocking the shelves or adding large windows for more natural light, the mental and physical health of workers depends on workplace cleanliness.

With spring right around the corner, let’s look at the different ways to spruce up your office for a deep spring cleaning.

Add A Little Foliage

To improve the indoor air quality and provide a soothing vibe to the office, add multiple live plants, pots, and planters at the entrance of the building and on different office floors.

Succulents are a great choice as they don’t produce pollen and don’t require much care. The lively green plants will help uplift the employees and boost their health and happiness.


However, if you’re unsure about natural plants, use fake plants and artificial planters to spruce up your office.

Clean Out Your Inventory

Spring cleaning calls for inventory clean up as well. Weed through your inventory stocks and get rid of expired products and damaged goods to boost sales and performance.

If you have old samples and testers of products taking up space in your office meeting rooms, throw out the products you don’t need. Make room for new product samples that need to be tested while in the design phase.

Ditch All That Paper

It’s not a great idea to have sensitive information, tax documents and intermediate records lying around in filing cabinets.

Organize old boxes of official business papers and get rid of the income tax returns and slips that date back more than seven years. According to the IRS, if a small business diligently files tax returns, they should only keep records of a maximum of three years. So clear out the clutter from filing cabinets that you no longer need to keep a record of.

Clean Your Office

Tidy your clutter away and organize your office space for a cleaner and welcoming environment.

Disinfect the washrooms and building floors. Have your windows washed and entryway cleared by hiring professional janitorial services to ensure every nook and cranny is clean and free from dirt accumulation.

For a thorough office cleaning, hire commercial cleaning services offered by Square Inch.

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