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Icing On The Cake: 4 Simple Cake-Decorating Ideas

The way you decorate your cake is the way you craft its first impression. The time of cutting and tasting comes later; first, people want to admire the exterior, possibly snap a few pictures to share on Instagram and Pinterest. It goes without saying that the way you decorate your cakes should be appealing, if not perfect.

It may sound too time-consuming or challenging, especially if you’re baking batches of cakes at a given time. However, a nice-looking cake does not have to employ a hundred and one tools for piping, stenciling and carving designs. Let’s see if these few simple ideas can’t deck out your cakes to yield Instagram-worthy results:

Smooth Scraping

Sometimes, a simple layer of icing does the trick. Ever wonder how some bakers get their cakes looking so unblemished? The bench scraper is an incredible tool that every baker, professional or otherwise, must have.

Using a rotatable cake stand, you drag the scraper along the walls and top of your cake to level the frosting, after which you leave it as it is, or simply some decoration toppings along the borders.

Less Is More

If you don’t have the time or skill to get your fillings and toppings right, go with the naked cake. Simply plaster your cake’s layers with a generous amount of filling, and deck it out with fresh fruit or even flowers to give it a semi au natural vibe.

Freehand Furnishing

Sometimes, a cake design does not have to make any sense at all. A good example is the swirl design, where you can either use a thin-consistency ganache to pipe out a series of swirls all over the top of the cake, or place small blobs of ganache here and there and use a clean toothpick to quickly swirl it around.

Frosting Teamwork

Cake Decorating SuppliesInstead of placing one color/flavor of frosting on your cakes or cupcakes, halve. Prepare two piping bags with two separate colored frostings, snip the tops off, and place both in a larger piping bag fitted with your choice of tip. The icing will come out in a swirl of colors, giving your cake an effortless appealing look. This method works especially well when you decorate seasonal desserts, and need to combine different colors to deliver that holiday cheer.

Looks like you’ve got your cake decoration down. Start off with premium quality cake decorating supplies; online sweet wholesalers Divine Specialties offer various kinds of chocolates, toppings and other ingredients to professional bakers.

Happy baking!

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