4 Safe Practices for Coloring Hair Extensions

One of the key benefits of getting hair extensions is freedom of experimentation that comes with them. Whether you want go for cotton candy pink or sea foam green, with hair extensions, the color possibilities are endless. However, transitioning from one hair color to another isn’t always easy.

In cases where precautionary measures aren’t taken, a DIY hair extension coloring job can have disastrous results. To keep your hair extensions protected from both short and long-term damage, it’s important to ensure that the coloring techniques you intend to use are safe.

Here are a few tips and tricks you can follow to safely color your hair extensions.

Stick to Semi or Demi-Permanent Colors

Permanent colors can dehydrate your hair. As hair extensions rely on external sources for nutrients, it’s always better to avoid any products that can strip off the moisture they already have. Semi or demi-permanent dyes are gentler than permanent ones, which is why they’re recommended for coloring hair extensions. With these dyes, you won’t be stuck with the same color for long as well, as these dyes last for only 25 washes or less.

Pick Skin-Tone Complementing Shades

Already know which color you’ll be going for? Each hair color has a spectrum of tones and shades which can make all the difference.

Certain hues have the ability to flatter your skin tone more than others. Therefore, it’s important to develop a sound understanding of varying hues of each color and pick the one that complements your skin tone the most.

Never Skip the Strand Test


Coloring a full set of hair extensions without ever conducting a strand test is a big no-no! Strand tests are carried out on small sections of hair and enable you to have a quick preview of what your hair color will look like once the process is over.

Simply apply the color over a strand and allow it to develop fully. Examine the results to determine whether or not your current shade and formula needs to be adjusted.

Deposit Color Instead Of Lifting

Thinking of going up a few shades? You might want to re-consider!

When coloring hair extensions, it’s always safer to deposit color than lifting it. This is because most extensions have already been through a rigorous cleaning and coloring process and any attempts to lighten them further can damage them permanently. Avoid over-bleaching and any products that contain more than 20 volumes of hydrogen peroxide as well.


While it’s possible to color hair extensions at home, it’s a task best left to experts. For a smooth, hassle free hair extension coloring experience, consult Hair Weaves and Extensions!

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