3 Terrific Hairstyles for the Holiday Season

It’s almost time for the holidays! And you know what that means! Parties, family dinners, and celebrations all around call for a change of look that is in line with the festivity around you!

This holiday season, try some of our gorgeous dressed-up hairstyles and updos and wow the haters with your chic, elegant, and effortlessly sexy hair! While the outfit you choose may be half of what makes you stand out at any occasion, your hair is what pulls your entire look together!

With our collection of chignons, braided updos and more casual wavy hairstyles, you’re sure to become the talk of the party. Let’s get started!

Large, Loose Curls


Of all the hairstyles you could try, nothing could make you look more like a Grecian goddess than sexy, voluminous waves! Swap the hair ties and dozens of bobby pins with a wide-barrel curling iron.  Invest in some quality hair extensions for added volume and length.

Divide your hair into six equal sections and run a wide toothed comb through them thoroughly. Wrap each section around the curling iron and count to twenty. Once all six sections are done, use the wide-toothed comb again and run it through your locks for the perfect, voluminous waves.

French Twist Ponytail

A twist on the traditional French twist bun, this hairstyle combines the elegance of the French twist with the effortless-casual look of a low ponytail for a look that’s perfect for semi-formal events!

Simply take two slightly thick strands of hair from one temple, wind them around each other until you get to the bottom of the other ear and secure with a fancy hair tie. Use the same method as above to add soft curls to your ponytail for the perfectly sexy holiday hairstyle!

Waterfall Braid

The Pinterest trend that took over the internet a few years ago shows no sign of slowing down and for good reason! The easy, gorgeous style for short or long hair is perfect to give your look the oomph it needs to stand out!

Start at the temple, grabbing a section of hair and dividing it into three. Do one full pass of a three-strand braid at the beginning to hold your hairdo together. Take a one-inch section of hair from the left side; join it to the left section of the braid, crossing it over the center piece. Let the right strand go, grabbing a new equal section of hair as a replacement, crossing it over the center piece. Repeat until your braid reaches the center of your head and secure.

Repeat the same process on the other side of your head and secure in the middle with a fancy clip. All done!

Don’t have enough hair length or volume to pull off these gorgeous hairstyles? Struggling to grow out your hair? Here’s a tip: micro-link hair extensions!

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