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2019 NFL Draft: Ranking the top 5 Running Backs

Since 2015, there have been seven running backs that have gone in the NFL Draft’s first round. Ezekiel Elliot, Saquon Barkley and Todd Gurley are the obvious headliners, and have already established themselves as household names in their fledgling careers.

In 2019, however, there’re aren’t any names in the running back class that carry that sort of star power, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if not a single one goes on the first day. But that’s not to say the 2019 running back class is a bad one. It’s just that the value won’t be easy to pass up on day 2.

From a crowded running back class of 2019, we’ve picked out our top five players.

Bryce Love – Stanford

Talking about big play potential, it’s been hardly a year since Bryce Love rushed over 2k yards for Stanford and was hailed as a future NFL great. However, things haven’t gone Love’s way since then. His senior season was blighted by offensive regression and injuries. However, there are still no doubts over his precocious talent. In addition to blistering pace, Love possesses the ability to take on a great amount of volume over a season. Bryce isn’t the largest of running backs, but he’s still built like a tank. He could very well prove to be the best value pick of the lot.

Damien Harris – Alabama

Alabama is known to churn out quality running backs, and Damien Harris is one half of the latest impressive duo the Tide possesses. While Harris might not be the best in terms of dynamic ability, his potential as being the NFL’s big bruiser is second to none. If you said that Damien Harris is the best in the class, many won’t argue with you.

Miles Sanders – Penn State

After the departure of Saquon Barkley, Miles Sanders really came into his own in his final season. A proper, powerful athlete, Sanders showed the world that he’s a dynamic player as he shone as an every down back in his final year with Penn State. If he can continue like this, Sanders is looking at a bright career in the NFL.

Darrell Henderson – Memphis

Over the last 2 years, Darrell Henderson’s productivity has been just outrageous. Since 2017, he’s rushed over 3,000 yards, secured 31 touchdowns, and averaged a ridiculous 8.9 yards/carry. While Henderson may be on the small side, he has unbelievable speed.

Josh Jacobs – Alabama

In terms of productivity, Jacobs has perhaps the worst numbers on this list. However, he’s a pass catcher of extraordinary quality and consistently made the most of his few touches in his career with the Tide. It took Jacobs a little time to drag himself out of the Alabama running depth chart purgatory, but when he did, he proved that he possesses the talent to make it big in the NFL.

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